The View From The Pea Patch

This weekend, and the only day it didn’t rain in the past approximately 83,467 days (thanks Seattle) was our first garden work party of the year. It’s designated days where everybody comes together to do maintenance on the grounds and also things like mixing fertilizer blends for the gardeners to use.  Jeff and I were… Continue reading The View From The Pea Patch


Steeple Chase, Random Potato Hash and Foaming Face Beards

So cooking isn’t always pretty, especially with kids or beginners, but it can still be tasty. Today was more of an exercise is using what we had and practicing knife skills. Today’s post focuses less on a recipe, and more on just making somemthing yummy. After a quick gameof  Steeple Chase.  I picked up this… Continue reading Steeple Chase, Random Potato Hash and Foaming Face Beards


DIY Mozzarella Cheese 

This post contains affiliate links. Please head over to my disclosure page for more information. 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀 This week, my husband and I made mozzarella cheese, the next day was homeschool art day, which has sort of morphed into home ec, so Lil and I made some cheese while JJ made his Stone Soup. On this… Continue reading DIY Mozzarella Cheese 

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Recipe: Leek and Sausage “Stone Soup”

This week, JJ said he wanted to make stone soup. I wasn’t familiar with the story of stone soup, but once I looked it up it all started coming back to me.  Stone Soup- the quick version: There were hungry travellers who had a pot of water with a stone in it. They asked people… Continue reading Recipe: Leek and Sausage “Stone Soup”