DIY Marbled Flower Pot

My birthday is in June and of course my back went out around the same time. Just my luck. My back pain caused my sciatica to flair up and I wasn’t able to get around very well for a couple weeks. I ended up missing out on a few days with the kids, queue the sad trombone and a bummed out auntie. Womp womp!

Now that I can get around easier, we can get back to crafting! Awww yissssss

We started off after our trip to Trader Joe’s, we found the cutest little succulents for only $2.99, Lil picked one out just for me. 

She wasn’t done fixing her seatbelt, we were just pausing for a picture, so please don’t leave a loose seatbelt comment. Please. You’re better than that. 💚
I would like to introduce everyone to the new memeber of the family, Junior.

Lil says full name is Leafie Junior, but just call her Junior. 

As soon as we got to the car both Lil and I decided we needed to give Junior’s teracotta pot a makeover. 

Marbled Flower Pot


  • Nail polish
  • A large container for water
  • Teracotta flower pot
  • Toothpick or skewer
  • Nail polish remover and cotton balls for clean up
  1. Fill the bowl with water deeper than your pot is tall. Like if you have a 3 inch tall pot, fill your water about 5-6 inches deep with water. 
  2. If your pot has a flower in it already like ours did, take it out now and set it aside. 
  3. Pour a little of each color in the water. Our nail polish was older and I have read that this should be done with new bottles. Some of our polish balled up and sank to the bottom and clumped up on the surface, but it worked well enough for us. 
  4.  Swirl the polish around. See the balled up polish at the bottom? It kinda sucks, but we made it work. 
  5.  Dip. 
  6.  Drain. (Our water wasn’t quite deep enough, but I still love how it turned out!)
  7.  Dry. 
  8.  Display. 
  9. You may need to use your nail polish remover on your bowl, so don’t use a nice bowl like we did. I panicked when I went to wash the bowl. Thank goodness for nail polish remover!

This will work best if the pot is painted white first, but I dig it. And it’s a lovely memory we made together. 💚

Not to mention JJ treated me to a nice lemon and raspberry cake for my birthday and we made some pretty awesome fidget spinners out of legos. Thanks, buddy! I love you!
If you make a marbled flower pot please post it on instagram and tag me @TheVintageTart, I’d love to see it!


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