The View From The Pea Patch

This weekend, and the only day it didn’t rain in the past approximately 83,467 days (thanks Seattle) was our first garden work party of the year. It’s designated days where everybody comes together to do maintenance on the grounds and also things like mixing fertilizer blends for the gardeners to use. 

Jeff and I were on weeding duty because of my limp, I can’t do much physically and there was quite a bit of weeding to be done. For two hours we plucked and pulled. 

My favorite part of the garden is the view of Puget Sound and the Navy base. 

My plot is along the fence and gets pretty noisy with the cars passing by below, but it’s got a great veiw of massive boats going by. So pretty!

I love growing stuff, and I haven’t been able to in quite a few years, and now that I can walk again without pain after my huge sciatica flare up that kept me in bed for months, I am getting ready to be more active and grow again! 

This year, I will be growing zucchini, tomatoes, kale, bok choi, onions, corn and whatever else I can squeeze into the ground as well as maintaining and coaxing the blueberry and rosemary bushes left in my plot from previous gardeners. 

I’m so happy to have a well established rosemary bush. I love the scent and cooking with it, but it needs a haircut. Under some unruly branches I also found some chives and peppermint growing after we worked on the community areas of the garden. I’m looking forward to the fresh flavors I will be adding to my cooking this year!

Next project will be to remove excess leaves, till the soil and maybe plant some early seeds since it’s warming up already. 

What do you think I should plant? What would you grow in a community garden?

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