Garden Planning: Our Community Garden Plot

A few years back, I had a garden that I grew with my sister, niece and nephew. We grew almost everything from seed, except for tomatoes. 

I loved having fresh produce in my backyard! I loved making those memories with the little ones, too. 

Gardening is an extreme sport.

Lil was a bit too young to be of actual help in the garden, but she is the type to insert herself into whatever is going on and help if it’s needed or not. She will make herseld part of something if she wants to be. This lead to some problems that needed creative solitions. 

Lil always wanted to water when her big brother was, but didn’t realize that watering only needed to be done once and the plants didn’t want to be flooded. 

My solution? A spray bottle.

She could water away to her hearts content without drowning the tomatoes and zucchini. 

The classic win-win. 

In our garden we grew so many yummy things including bok choy, tomatoes, corn, and zucchini. 

When the zucchini started to produce more than just leaves, I told Lil to come out and see if there was any food out there. She came out, gasped out loud and exclaimed “Look at all the pickles!” To this day, one of my favorite moments. 

This year, after a few seasons of not gardening at all, I hope to have both kids more involved in the growing and tending, especially now since it’s hard for me to get around after being hurt. (Auntie is getting old and Auntie does not like it.)

I found a community garden nearby where I can grow again so this week, I showed the kids. We got there a little late, but we still got a better idea of what the plot can hold. It already has massive rosemary bush, a couple of either pansies or violets and some teeny tiny blueberry bushes that have seen better days. 

I will go more into detail about what we will be planting in a later post, I just wanted to share the news!

We picked some rosemary to use in next week’s recipe, Lil loved the smell and JJ is excited to use it for cooking. 

Fresh rosemary. My hands still smell like it.

I am excited to have garden therapy again!

What are your garden must haves?


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