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Reseasoning My Cast Iron 

After a family member passed a few years ago, I was given her cast iron pans. A skillet and a chicken frier that I use for everything but frying chicken (I don’t eat chicken) I love those pans! Once while reseasoning them on the stove with just a touch of oil, I was asked what I was cooking because it smelled so good. I wasn’t cooking, it’s just my pan. 🍳 

I recently bought two new-to-me cast iron pieces, a grill and a small skillet. Only problem is the skillet looks like it was dry and burned on food had been scraped off and the grill was caked with charred remains of whatever meal had last been cooked on it. 

I also picked up a rusty cast iron muffin pan, but that will need a little more work and I scrapped the plan to restore it at the same time as these pieces and I will post about it later. 

I found a tutorial about how to scrub cast iron using scouring pads and then one from The Kitchn using potatoes and salt. Go for the salty potatoes. It’s weird but it works. 

Small cast iron skillet
Oh, wee little skillet, why have you been so neglected?
All of that burned-on gunk. Yuck!

I started with scrubbing them with a scouring pad in warm, soapy water. 
Pay no attention to the muffin pan, we’ll get to that one in another post. And please don’t yell at me about getting cast iron wet.
Then I tried the scouring pad with not much luck, so I dried them off the best I could and got out my kosher salt and potatoes. I sprinkled the pans generously with salt and got scrubbing!

With the grill pan, you have to just put in a bit more time to get all of the groves, but it works.

Cleaning a cast iron skillet
You can see the salt changing color, that’s all the gunk coming off.
I had the most problems with the grill, obviously, getting in to all of the groves was a pain, but the potato thing works!
The salt is coarse on the charred remains of food and breaks up after being used so you don’t gouge your pan. Awesome!

After scrubbing, I coated the pans, on all sides, with shortening and baked them upside down directly on the oven rack over a cookie sheet to catch any drips. 350 degrees for an hour. 

Cast iron skillet
Hard to see, but they’re covered in shortening and going in the oven

They turned out quite nicely! 

What is your favorite dish to cook in cast iron?


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