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Make it: DIY Quilted Mixer Cover

I love my Kitchenaid Mixer, but I don’t use it as often as I should and that leads me to my big problem: kitchen grease.

It gets on absolutely everything and is nearly impossible to scrub off. So, instead of having to scrub the frick out my mixer everytime I want to use it, I decided that I had to do something to stop it before it starts. 

Muthafrickin Mixer Cozy. 

Dude, I know. Making cozies and covers for your appliances is totally 1970’s granny status, but I am totally okay with that if it keeps me from scrubbing crap when I don’t need to. 

Let’s get sewing!

DIY Quilted Kitchenaid Mixer Cover

Sounds lame, but is actually super effing cute. 


  • 1-1 1/2 yards printed fabric for outside, I used 1 1/2 yards because I used a directional fabric
  • 1 yard of fabric for inside
  • 2 yards of low loft batting
  • 6 yards (2 packages) extra wide double fold bias tape
  • Matching thread
  • Pins
  • Fabric scissors, I swear by my Ginger scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Paper Grocery Bags

Making the pattern

Using the grocery bags, make a pattern to fit your mixer. It will consist of three pieces, the end piece, the outer piece and the pocket. I have a 4 quart kitchhenaid mixer, that’s what these measurements will fit. 

  1. The end piece measures 10.5 inches across, and a total of 14.5 inches tall with an arch starting at 11 inches. 
  2. The outer piece measures 16.5 inches along the bottom edge and 35 inches long. If you are using a directional patterned fabric, each piece will be 18 inches to allow for the center seam. 
  3. The pocket is a 16.5x7inch rectangle. 

Inner fabric, folded edge on top


  1. Iron your fabric if you haven’t already. 
  2. Lay out your pattern and out your fabric. If you’re not using a directional pattern, it’ll look like the photo above, if you are using a directional pattern, it’ll look like the picture below. I cut out each piece so i could lay out all my pieces and make sure I had enough fabric to get the look I wanted. The fabric is laid flat. 
  3. To cut the batting, I like to lay one of fabric pieces to the batting and then pin it together and cut. After it’s cut, I layer the other piece. 
  4. Sew the middle seam of your outer pieces together if you are using directional fabric. 
  5. Quilting is the same for each piece. Stitch a running stitch on the edges your starting at the edge that will be going under the needle first to keep it from slipping. You can also pin it in place, too. 
  6. Using an S stitch, sew down the length of each piece. 
  7. Since I am using bias tape, I decided to sew a small zigzag stitch around the edges of each piece to tame the bulk in the edges. Trim the excess. I used a dark thread to zigzag sitch them together to hide it. 
  8. To apply bias tape, start with the top edge of the pockets. Open the tape, line up the edge of the tape and the fabric and sew on the first fold on the tape. Use the thread that matches the bias tape to hide any imperfections. 
  9. Fold the tape over the edge and sew a top stitch close to the edge. Repeat for second pocket. 
  10. Pin the end pieces and the outer piece together. Start at the middle of the longest edge and the middle of the top of the arch and pin together. 
  11. Pin your pockets in place. Pin your pocket in place and sew it in place in the center of the pocket. 
  12. Zigzag stitch the edges of the mixer cover. It’s a bit tricky and bulky, but take your time. You can do one edge piece at a time, but I wanted to see it all together and just went with it. 
  13. Bias tape time! I am fairly comfortable with bias tape, so I don’t use pins, but you can pin the tape in place along the outer edges of the end pieces and sew it as you did on the top pocket edge. Do not sew along the bottom edge yet! 
  14. Apply bias tape the bottom edge and sew as before and trim off any stray thread and you’re done!

I have been wanting to make one of these covers for ages and I finally have a super rad retro fashion Barbie cover now! You can make one to match your kitchen and your personal style. It’s also an easy way to change up your kitchen decor. 

If you make a mixer cover, please share them with me! Tag me on instagram @thevintagetart with your finished mixer cover. 


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