Make it: Nostalgic 90’s Potholders 

Everyone in their mid to late tweenties has a soft spot for 1990’s era Nickelodeon’s cartoon line up. Whether it’s wondering how comfortable keeping a screwdriver in your diaper is while watching Rugrats or just recently coming to terms with how raunchy some of those shows really were. I’ve got those memories, too. 

I used to sing Happy Happy Joy Joy along with Ren & Stimpy and get creeped out by those dudes who would pop out and grab the kids on the teams of Legends of The Hidden Temple. So when I found 90’s Nickelodeon fabrics on a recent shopping trip, I had to grab some even if I wasn’t sure what to make with them. 

I ended up getting half a yard each and decided that potholders would be a cute project to make with them. 

What I used

  • 1/2 yard of fabric, you’ll have leftovers
  • Multi colored Chevron Jelly Roll
  • 1/2 yard Insulbright insulated batting
  • 3 yards of extra wide double fold bias tape
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread

Let’s get sewing!

  1. For your large piece, cut a 9×8 inch rectangle of your main fabric, in my case Rocco’s Modern Life and Ren & Stimpy prints, chevron print and two pieces of insulbright. This side will be grabbing your hot pans and two layers will help protect your hands. 
  2. For your small piece, cut 7.5×8 inch piece of your main fabric, chevron print and one layer of insulbright. This will protect the back of your hands while reaching in the oven. To cut the insulbright, lay your fabric on top and cut around it. 
  3. When layering the cut pieces, be sure the metalic dotted side faces the outside. That is what protects your hands and reflects heat. I layered my large piece chevron, two layers of insulbright, then my 90’s fabric with the dots facing the chevrons. The small piece is layered the same way, but with one layer of insulbright with the dots facing the 90’s fabric. The metalic dotted side is on the right in this picture. 
  4. I like to sew along two edges so while I am quilting, it won’t shift or move around. I usually go for the top edge and the right edge. 
  5. Using the S stitch on your machine, quilt the pieces together leaving about an inch between rows. 
  6. Sew around the last two open outer edges. It will look like this. Repeat this for the large and small pieces. 
  7. On the top of the small piece, open the bias tape and sew on as shown. I like to sew just to the right of the fold. It’s kind of hard to see with black bias tape, sorry!
  8. Fold the bias tape over the edge, trim any excess fabric off of the raw edge if needed. Sew. I used a zig zag stitch, but I’m not the type to hand sew bias tape down. If you are, hand stich it so the stiching doesn’t show. 🙂
  9. Sew the small piece onto the large piece. 
  10. Make a loop to hang the potholder out of a piece of bias tape that is about 6 inches long, mine was 5 inches and seemed a bit small. 
  11. Sew bias tape around the raw edges of the potholder. When attaching the loop, layer it under the bias tape in one corner.
  12. Trim any excess materials off the raw edges and corners. Your piece will look like this before folding the tape over. 
  13. Fold the tape over and top stitch. I like to reinforce the corner with the loop just to be sure it won’t come off if it ever gets caught on something and pulled. 
  14. Trim away and strings and you’re done!

You can even get creative and hide a giggling Stimpy inside. 


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